The Science of Building Champions


The science of building a Muay Thai champion’s strength & conditioning, which results in...

  • Fastest possible short-term progress

  • Maximum long-term progress

  • More efficient movement patterns

  • Better technique

  • Relentless endurance (never gas out)

  • Reaching athletic potential as quickly and efficiently as possible (without wasting time on things that aren’t worth doing)

  • Free up more time for technical training AND life!

  • The Optimum 12-Week Fight Camp

Hi I'm Don Heatrick,

In over 25-years of competing and coaching, I've found most Thai boxers simply aren't exploiting the benefits of real Muay Thai strength and conditioning training!

So I've put together a this video series that teaches you...

  • How to properly build mobility, stability, and coordination

  • How to progressively build strength, convert it into power, speed, and dominant fight performance

  • And how to do cardio properly, so you build true, relentless fight endurance

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Scientific Muay Thai Strength and Conditioning